Designers block…

It’s a terrible thing. To be honest I am more at home writing code, designing database schema, stretching the capabilities of HTML, PHP and ASP. Well, not really stretching, just doing what I’ve not seen done before. However part of my gainful employment involves me putting on my graphic designers hat. And, occasionally, I find that the hat must have shrunk in the wash. Perhaps I left it out in the rain.

I’m at that stage at the moment. Fortunately it’s not a major problem, the deadline isn’t for a couple of weeks yet, but still it’s annoying. Even more so when it’s a project I have loads of enthusiasm for, and lots of ideas – code and database ideas, that is. So tomorrow, among other things, I will be trawling the many many sites out there dedicated to releasing a tortured designers mind. Sites where, let’s be honest about it, you see something that looks good, start to copy it and somewhere along the way it mutates and evolves into something original. And, hopefully, something that fulfils your requirements.

So, here’s the list. Eventually they may find their way into this blogs Wiblink section, but for now they are just here.

Cool sites list at Moreover
Free web templates
Template Monster
Macromedia site of the day

I’ll add a lot more tomorrow when I get back to The Master List.


OK, as promised, a couple more links.

A List Apart