A Merry Christmas…

I have heard it said that the best presents are those you buy yourself. While I don’t think this is entirely true, in some cases there are occasions that we all set our hearts on something. Going and getting that thing is, therefore, a time for celebration. Things are even worse when you’re a geek and toys are being paraded in front of your eyes on a nearly daily basis.

Take the Line6 Variax guitar. It’s a gorgeous piece of equipment, not just a great instrument but a great application of technology to produce something useful and stylish. And I’ve got one, which fills my heart with joy. Not just because, finally, I have a decent guitar to play (after years of borrowed and dodgy instruments) but also because of the incredible array of sounds it gives me.

So, that is a fantastic present to myself, and makes this Christmas an even better one (it was going to be good anyway, as I’m spending time with the people I love). As ever, I thank la inamorata from the bottom of my heart for the permission to get the Variax. Me, under the thumb? Never.