Words from the wise…

Some people may say I’ve been wasting my time today, listening to hours and hours of speeches given by some of the web’s most influential people (available here) from the Web Design World conference 2004 in Boston, USA. I don’t, I consider listening to what other people in this industry have to say very important. The web has always been, and hopefully will always continue to be, a community effort. Hearing from others is therefore crucial to the growth of the technology.

And not just that, but they have some great things to say. Monsieur Zeldman had some good things to say about making the most of your website, as he often does. And Ethan Marcotte and Molly Holzschlag gave a timely reminder of the importance of not divorcing presentation from content, after all they are meant to support each other.

As I start a redesign of my personal site this sort of advice is invaluable. I’m not a fantastic designer, and my code leaves much to be desired, so any help is very warmly accepted. I’m glad there are people around who are willing to give others a hand, share what they know, not dismiss beginners. The parallels with many other areas of life are very obvious. So, wish me luck, I’ll post a link when I get something reasonable done.