Tips for non-designers…

Just like Garrett I don’t think I’m much of a designer. I wish I was, or rather I wish I had better graphic design skills to use in conjunction with my technical skills. But that isn’t to be, I fear. And anyone that can do both sides of the web design/development coin well should be slapped. Hard. Otherwise life would not be able to continue with that level of imbalance in the universe.

So articles like this can be very helpful. They aren’t a magic bullet, but they do give some pointers. And I’d agree with the points he made, especially that “content is king”. Gah, how many times have I found myself waiting for too long for a client to give me some text – any text! – so I can build a site for them. I find it very strange. After all, you wouldn’t hire a plasterer and decorator to redecorate your house then refuse to let them in, would you? Gah, again. Rant over. For now.

So, good article. Although I think that Andy has a good point. But he must work on bigger projects than I do ;0)