Jaw on the floor…

Every now and then something comes along that stuns me into silent, awestruck joy. It happened the day I got my first drum kit, several times with my children, and most recently when Katharine agreed to become my wife. Happy days.

Well, the discovery today isn’t as good as all that, but for a piece of software it’s pretty darned impressive. The chaps at Google have gone and done it again, creating this masterpiece of software, that links to the Google Maps system to provide 3D views of the entire world. At the moment the images of anywhere outside North America are of quite low quality, and the 3D buildings feature only works for selected cities, but I’m sure they’ll have that sorted soon.

So, download and have a play. You’ll be impressed. A couple of warnings first – the download is 10Mb, and if you don’t have a reasonably new computer or a broadband internet connection you’ll be struggling to run it.