Jumping on the bandwagon…

Well, everyone else is doing it, so why can’t I? (I know an album nearly called that).

One of the biggest and most influential web design magazines has had a facelift, courtesy of golden boy Jason Santa Maria. It’s nice, very nice. Understated and classy, easy to navigate and only a snip away from validating perfectly.

However there are a few points that make it really special to me. Firstly is the hover underlines on titles – how do they get it to look so neat, multi-line titles underlines don’t cross over each other! Great stuff. Secondly there’s the fantastic use of serif fonts (as someone said recently, “serif is the new sans”). And thirdly, you need at least 1024×768 resolution to view it. That, to my mind, is another large nail in the coffin of 800×600.