Minty minty…

Shaun does it again. As well as being a phenomenal designer, he’s also a rather spiffing developer, and his new offering, Mint, is rather fantastic. The demo is all I’ve seen so far, but I will be purchasing a copy of the software very soon for use on a site not far from here.

One interesting thing to note is how he’s marketed this release. Nothing more than a simple website with a form you can add your email address to for updates (you only receive 2, one to thank you and one to say it’s released, and then your email address is removed) and a few blog entries. Yet word of mouth has made this a very public (well, for the internet, anyway) and exciting build-up. And all the hype is worth it, in my opinion.

That’s what happens if you’re respected on the web. People watch you, talk about you, do your marketing for you. Fantastic.

UPDATE: Oxton gets in on the actions. There are some interesting comments (and there will probably be more), but this particularly jumped out at me (by Hayo Bethlehem):

Hype is a great marketing tool. I hope the product will live up to it.