And no longer had I written about a web instant messanger compatible with most of the major IM protocols, than the Google Maps Mania blog gave me a link to Your History Here, a place to save tidbits of historical information about places you know around Britain.

However, the really exciting thing is that (according to this blog post) it’s an open source project:

Some additional notes from the creator:

1 – The code for this (excepting Google maps) is open source, and
we’ll be happy to give it to anyone who wants an off the shelf
annotation system for whatever purpose.

2 – Both sites syndicate their data freely, and in a
location-queryable fashion. This is really important, as it allows for
all types of nice local history to be syndicated to tourism sites,
local community discussion boards, blogs and so on.

So, how about a site where you could use Google maps to save notes about your favourite walks or bike rides. Or the place you went on holiday as a kid. Or where you grew up, and memories of those places. Or where the best trucker cafes are.

The possibilities are endless.