If you want to miss project deadlines, procrastination’s what you need. Even a tiny amount of it can set you back by days, or even weeks if you’re a dab hand at spinning things out. A little procrastination goes a long way, remember, and with worldwide prices at such a low level, anyone can get in on the act!

It’s all to do with supply and demand, you see. Sure, there’s more demand for quality procrastination than there has ever been at any time in the human races’ history, but we’re also producing such huge quantities of procrastination that prices have plummeted. Now you can see why procrastination suppliers are springing up everywhere – even your mobile phone has procrastination facilities built right into it!

technology has made procrastination so much easier. Now we don’t need to waste time doing nothing, we can waste time by pretending that we’re doing something really important! For example “I really need to catch up on these blogs”, or what about “Finishing this level will make me a better person”. We’ve all been there, I know I have.

So, the next time you want to spend hours in worthless and fruitless employment, look no further than the nearest piece of electrical wizardry. It’ll have you procrastinating for hours!