The future – the hype all over again?…

There’s been some more discussion about the current trend towards creating more application-like websites. Of course you know what I think about it, but it’s useful to see a serious comparison of the technologies that mae these web apps happen. AJAX comes out on top, but the bottom line is that all the technologies discussed – Flash, XUL, XAML, Java etc – have their place, and all have their strengths and weaknesses.

The discussion continues over at Isolani, and tying XUL to Flash seems to be flavour of the month in some peoples minds.

I’m not so sure, to be honest. Like ReadWriteWeb, I think there is a downside as well as lots of plusses to the current hype. What I hope is that the applications that are produced, no matter what the technology, are useful and worthwhile. What I think will happen is that a single technology will rise to the surface, but it won’t necessarily be the best one for every job.