Accessibility – an idiots guide…

As previously mentioned, I needed a place where I could easily get all the information I need to make sites accessible. This is that place. Here I’ve linked to very useful, and in some cases definitive, website from some of the worlds greatest accessibility gurus so that I – and hopefully you – can get everything you need in one place.

I will treat this entry as being always open for editing.

Tables should be used for tabular data, not for layout. As Roger Johansson explains, there’s a lot more to accessible tables than just rows and cells.

Acronyms are very useful, and in increasing use – especially when talking about technology. How do you make sure that everyone knows what that string of letters means? Why, by scoring the A List Apart hat-trick, of course.

All web applications have forms – sometimes many of them. Forms can be really complex, but with the WebAIM accessible forms tutorial, you’ll be forming (geddit?) perfect forms in no time.

Accessibility links