Turn off the world…

I’m feeling pretty tired at the moment, so blogging is off it’s usual pace. However this article about music from CPU is fascinating. Speaking as a musician – doesn’t that sound arrogant! – ok, speaking as someone who once or twice picked up an instrument, I can vouch for the healing, recharging power of music. It can lift you up, spur you on, get you fired up.

But it can also drown out other important sounds. It can make you unaware of the outside world, make you introspective and – frankly – make your brain go to sleep. In fact in a programme on TV last night about Stephen Poliakoff, the writer and director lamented the fact that people nowadays do very little contemplating. And I agree.

Sometimes silence – whether that’s turning off the TV or iPod, getting away from it all, or staying at home on your own, or even cutting down the number of times you blog – can be just what you need. Looking for refreshment and inspiration? Try doing less.