Get cookin’ on the web…

Firstly, thanks for all the messages by emil, phone and in the comments. Here are some answers: yes; about 8 weeks; of course; fantastic; too much. Now you work out the questions :0)

Anyway, one of the things I’ve enjoyed recently on TV is Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, where a celebrity chef, the inimitable Gordon Ramsey, visits struggling resturants and tries to turn their fortunes round. Cue much swearing, throwing of pots and pans, and restaurant owners in tears.

However it’s not the success stories, or the great food, that caught my attention. It’s his passion for what he does – he has oodles of it. After so many years in the business you might think he would become jaded, but not our Gordy.

And in the episode this week where he visited La Gondola (the website says it all, really), something he said at the end of the show really caught my attention:

It’s about good food, good service, a bit of atmosphere, and doing what you love.

And that, in a nutshell, is what I believe is the essence of a happy, productive workplace. Good products, good service, good atmosphere and people doing what they love.

Of course it’s not that easy for most of us. The bills have to be paid, kids taken to school, car oil changed etc etc. But if you’re not doing something you love at least once per week, you’re on a fast-track to depression. Find what you love to do – I love to do websites, by the way – and do it. If someone will pay you to do it, even better, if not make sure you build time into your week (or at regular intervals) to do it.

But if you came here for recipes, sorry, I can’t help. I’m such a rubbish cook I burn salad. But John may be able to help get you cooking offline.