A few thoughts…

Firstly things seem to be going OK with my new website hosting package, although I have noticed a few little niggles when installing my project management system, but nothing I can’t handle.

Secondly I seem to have lots of things on at the moment – when do I not? – and have less and less time to do them. I’m getting too old for burning the candle at both ends, and frankly it makes a bit of a mess on the table. So when I get to finish (finish? more like start) the things I said I’d do is anyones guess. You’ll just have to hold your breath.

There is one other thing I noticed that I wanted to share, though. A certain large techology company has recently had an advert on TV advertising a new model of digital camera. The music that was playing in the background was your usual cool-sounding, never-heard-of-it-before underground vibe. And right at the beginning of the advert, in small text, appears the name of the artist.

Obviously Sony, for it is them, want to get a slice of the viral pie, and I don’t blame them. There’s been some big sales come from the background music of a TV advert (that’s where I first Royksopp). And let’s not forget that Sony own a rather large portion of the music industry as well. What’s the betting this new artist is one of their new signings?

So all in all a good idea. It certainly made me stop in my tracks, and I wonder how many others will stop to listen as well.