You know you’re getting old when……

I can’t lie: I’m getting older. In fact, I’m older today than I was last week – and I feel it. My next birthday will see me reach that milestone. Yes, the big 3-0. Frightening stuff. But there are other ways I know I’m getting older…

1) Today I found myself saying ‘ooh, look at those lovely hanging baskets’. Sheesh.
2) I regularly buy my dad CDs that I actually want for myself. Tasteless.
3) Despite the amount of work I’d like to do I find myself saying ‘each hour of sleep before midnight is worth two afterwards’. Wimp.
4) Quite often all I want is a nice cup of tea and a sit down. Good grief.
5) On a particularly hot day last week I thought there might be, just occasionally, the need to wear socks with sandals. Unforgivable.

It’s official – there is no hope for me.