Are we going in the right direction?…

A very well respected member of the web world, Andy Rutledge, has recently been asking some very interesting questions. Firstly about social (or anti-social) media and secondly the moral questions surrounding technology being the way we are slowly killing ourselves.

Both essays are well worth reading. And you know what, I have to agree with a lot of the points he makes. We’re rapidly approaching the point where a large percentage of the Western population have a lack of basic communication and real-life social skills, responsibility and awareness of wider isues because of the comfortable cacoon that the current technological civilisation affords them. It should not be that way.

There’s a fable about the frog sat in a pan of water I heard once. As the water gradually warms up he enjoys himself, thinking how lucky he is to have his own private heated pool. It’s only when the water is reaching boiling point he realises his mistake. How far are we from boiling point?