New picture albums – Whitby and Guernsey

I’ve spent a couple of minutes adding some new picture albums to my gallery. They are specifically for people that love the sea, as they are both of places deeply involved with maritime living.

Firstly I have a few pictures of beautiful Guernsey, the lesser-known Channel Island. We wnt there for a holiday in late August 2005 and had a wonderful time. I’d really like to go back and explore some more, as I’m sure we only saw a fraction of it – despite it being pretty small.

There are also some pictures of Whitby, North Yorkshire. Whitby is one of my wife’s favourite places, so we’ve been quite a lot. It’s famous for being the birthplace of Captain Cook who sailed round the world a lot, and for featuring in the original Dracula novel. In fact when these pictures were taken it was the yearly Dracula festival weekend and so there were plenty of people walking round in Goth outfits. In fact one particularly morbid bunch were driving round town in a hearse. I’ve stuck with pictures of the town and harbour, though.

I have a couple more collections to put up in the next few days, and as I’m a tidy sort of bloke they’ll all be grouped together in my new graphics category.

One thought on “New picture albums – Whitby and Guernsey

  1. Like the picture of the north sea, it is exactly what is says on the tin. It’s a shame you didn’t quite capture the true boring-ness of it as the seagull on the right hand side adds way too much excitement!

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