Dangers of the technological society

Last week my wife went shopping at a large supermarket, and mistakenly picked up a box of "kitten" biscuits rather than our usual "adult cat" biscuits for our adult cat. This morning we received in the post a leaflet from said supermarket promoting services and products for kittens. For example:

"You only want the best for your kitten, that’s why we have developed this special all-in-one meal perfectly suited to young cats…"

Technology is a wonderful thing, and I’m fully sold on the idea of the world becoming a more computer-driven place. However this makes doubts cross my mind. What, for example, if I had visited this supermarket on the request of my mother to get a bottle of grey hair cover-up dye? Would I soon be receiving a discount on my next Saga holiday?

I hope this will be a warning to all of you who think you can purchase products from a modern shop without fear of the consequences.