The need for speed

I have a new computer. The old one was getting a bit long in the tooth, and with an increasing number of people in the house needing internet access it became a nightmare to share. So we’ve now go a total of four computers in the house – 3 desktops and a laptop. My new machine has a pretty fast 3GHz processor with 1GB of RAM, but eventually I’ll add another gigabyte.

The building of the new computer was relatively simple, with high quality parts from some friends and moving about 140Gb of hard drives into a new box. Just in case I’ve organised my drives so that any messup with my OS (Windows at the moment, however shortly it will be dual-booting to Ubuntu) can be easily reformatted and the OS reloaded. I’ve just got to sort out a way to backup my data to one of my spare drives and I’ll be pretty confident.

Those in the know will understand when I say that although things seem to be working OK at the moment, I’m prepared for technological meltdown.