More Performing

There are a couple of new functions I’ve got in development for my unobtrusive JavaScript library. I’ve you’ve not had a look at what Performer does then have a ganders now, I’ll be waiting.

Anyway, new functions. Firstly I’m doing a simple Submitter function that will listen for a form being submitted, intercept the submission and send all the data in the form to the processing page. The response from the processing page is then loaded into a named element on the page. Simple, but I think I’ll be using that a lot, and I hope it will be useful for other people too.

Secondly I’m doing a Popper function which (amazingly enough) pops up content fom a remote page based on passed parameters. So it could be used for an image gallery, or perhaps in-page help. This function, unlike most of the Performer functions, is pretty dependent on some CSS, so I’ll be making the Performer.css file available along with the JavaScript file when those functions are released.

As normal, these additions shouldn’t break anything you’re currently using, but if you do see wierdness please let me know.