Pirate flagThere’s not much more likely to raise a smile on the face of hardened Web-farers than the yearly, now International, Talk Like A Pirate Day. Every year on 19th September thousands of slightly mad people from all over the globe mutter things such as “Arr, Jim-lad” and “Avast there, ye scurvy wench”.

You may be asking why? Well, why not? It’s not often you can call your boss a “scurvy sea-dog” and get away with it. You have to take every opportunity you can get.

3 thoughts on “Ahoy

  1. Despite the fact that I have neither a job nor a boss, I still wanted to observe this special day.

    My how we laughed when the dentist pulled the wrong tooth because of the eyepatch she was wearing!!

    Pieces of eight?? For that shoddy work?? Yarrr…… ye be takin’ the piss, says I.


  2. Chris, I was in the office that day and did not hear you utter a single pirate cliche all day. I was so disappointed I cannot put into words ………………………………………..

    How can you blog it when you don’t live it?

  3. You weren’t in the office for the whole day so must have missed it. Al and I certainly uttered a fair number of “Arrs” in the afternoon.

    However I will take your criticism to heart. Next year I’ll come to work in full pirate regalia and speak nothing but pirate-speak all day. When I get disapproving looks I’ll say that you wanted me to do it. Arrr.

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