Down the ramp with a big splash

It’s been a long time coming (in fact the bulk of the work was completed nearly a year ago), but the new Computers Unlimited website is finally live. Among the fresh features is a special offers page for toner, printer ribbons and ink cartridges, a printer consumable search and even a blog.

The website has been written using my e-commerce system, called TwistShop for reasons which shall become clear soon. Eventually I hope to offer this as an easily-deployed application to my clients, along with my content management system TwistCMS and the projectGenie project management system. The fact that these three cornerstones of my website development services have been built for real websites doing real business, not just on a whim, means that when someone approaches me to help them get the best from the web I have the tools available to do so.

So, if you’re looking for Brother toner and ink, Panasonic printer ribbons or Xerox fax supplies you now know where to go.

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