Current projects

I’ve been spending my lunchtimes over the last few weeks getting a few little jobs done for websites I’m involved with. These all happen to be built on WordPress, which these days I seem to spend most of my spare time fiddling with.

One of them is for my good friend Al, whose FatLad blog has escaped from the clutches of a particularly nasty hosting company and into the cuddly arms of Dreamhost. So to celebrate moving hosts and blogging systems I designed him a new theme. People seem to like it, which is great as my design skills are more “miss” than “hit”. Good luck with the site, Al.

I’ve also done some work on my parent’s site, which is about a small village in the south of France. There’s quite a bit more to do with structuring the site pages for English and French translations, but the theme is pretty much finished. I’ve even managed to get a very rough installation of ZenPhoto on there for a picture gallery.

Work on the new Wibsite continues, albeit at a glacial pace. I just need a free evening or two and I can get the bulk of this done, but free evenings are currently in very short supply over at Chris Towers. I’ve toyed with the idea of making it a BuddyPress site, but that requires rewriting the theme.

Finally there’s the new official site for my Performer JavaScript system, which allows you to use Web 2.0 style effects in your web pages without knowing JavaScript. I regularly tweak the code for that to make it better, and I have a set of new features I’d like to include.

Add to that the dangerously-close-to-official-launch myJournal and it all adds up to a LOT of code. One thing’s for sure, I’m not going to be bored over the next few months.

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