Performer for WordPress

The worlds best CMS just got better, with the creation of a plugin for Performer. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll have heard me waffle on about my JavaScript mini-library which allows you to use those cool effects that your favourite JavaScript library (such as jQuery, Prototype and MooTools) allows you to do. But without writing a single line of JavaScript. Yes, it’s true.

Here’s a simple example. Click here to be amazed.

If everything went to plan this text came pleasingly into view. You might think "Yeah, I’ve seen that JavaScript stuff before", but look at the code I wrote to make that work:

<a href="#" class="toggler targetEl-performerdemo1">Click here to be amazed</a>
<div id="performerdemo1" class="hider"> ... </div>

Yup, just CSS classes.

If you want more information please visit the main Performer website, or download the WordPress plugin here.