Monthly Archives: August 2007

Firefox Needs To Go To School

I’ve recently been away (yes, it was great) but I’ll try to get back into my usual semi-regular blogging. First up to the plate is the notion that Firefox Needs To Go To School (from WebProNews) meaning that unless kids are trained in the Fox Arts then the stranglehold that Internet Explorer has on the… Read more »


Last night I attended my first GeekUp event. It was very interesting, but due to the fact the meetings are always on a Wednesday which is my busiest night of the week I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it to any more. However we shall see. There were two short presentations in a… Read more »

I am the luckiest man alive

This week has been a tough one owing to a rather nasty cough I’ve had since last Friday (just call me “dog”). But signing into my Hotmail account has cheered me right up, as they say in Yorkshire. Not one, not two (not four, not even five) but three people have contacted me to offer… Read more »

Top 5 Firefox plugins

I’m almost rabidly in love with Firefox, the little browser that could. In fact the link I’ve just given you has been the *only* place I’ve been to in Internet Exploiter when I’ve installed a fresh copy of Windows on my machine. Of course I use Linux a lot now, so I don’t even have… Read more »