Web 2.0…

I’ve just read this fantastic article by Richard MacManus and Joshua Porter in which they talk about the “paradigm shift” happening on the web currently to turn it from a series of website islands to a true interconnected world of data. Those connections are brought about through, mainly, XML technologies. And my favourite microformat, RSS, makes several appearences.

I could go on for hours about this article, the number of references to things that have been bubbling in my mind for a while is truly staggering, but I’ll just recommend you read it. Actually, I’m not just recommending it – you have to read this article. I’ll expound on a few areas I’m particularly interested in that they talk about over the next few days, no doubt.

As a little aside, Richard is from New Zealand and Joshua is from the USA. I wonder if they have ever met? Not that it really matters, it just goes to show how the web is changing communication in the world.