More on \"that\" redesign…

The A List Apart redesign has been causing comments. Most notably from John Oxton who wonders why they have stopped 800×600 resolution screens from using their site. Well, not stopped, but you know what I mean.

A few days ago I said “That, to my mind, is another large nail in the coffin of 800×600.”, and while it still is, should it be? As John says, there are less people using Safari and Opera than there are using 800×600 resolution, yet webheads jump through hoops to cater for them. Why not people with smaller screens?

And it’s a very good point, especially in view of the current discussions on accessibility and availability. To my mind it would surely be better to cater to as many browsers as possible, but provide added benefits to those with stong CSS support, larger resolutions etc. Graceful degredation, I think they call it.

So, maybe 800×600 isn’t dead yet.