The ideas book goes for a jaunt…

I have an ideas book, in which I write ideas that I have. Mainly ideas for web applications, as that’s what my brain seems to be in tune with currently, but eventually there may be ideas for other things in there as well. My ideas book is always never far away from me (it’s at my side as I write) and it will be coming with me next week as I journey on one of those mythical beasts, A Summer Holiday.

The fact that any semblence of summer weather has all-but disappeared round here is doing little to dampen my spirits, for our Holiday will be taken far from here, in (hopefully) warmer climes. And, whether it rains or shines, the fact that it will be several days of uninterrupted nothing-much-at-all with la inamorata will mean that it will be fantastic.

So don’t expect much writing from me for a week or so, although if I remember I’ll try to do a bit of mo-blogging (mobile blogging, blogging from a mobile device).

However I leave you with this thought from my ideas book: if you could have a website that did anything you wanted, what would you want it to do? Obviously we’re talking in the realms of possibility here – no flying you to Mars or giving you chocolate through your screen. Answers in the comments, please.