Letters after my name…

You may not know that I have letters after my name, namely ” B.A.(Hons) Jazz Studies”. Yes, jazz studies. It was a great course, but not very relevent to my current career. I’ve been thinking about getting some form of qualification in computing or web development for a while, but haven’t had the chance to do a lot of research so far.

But I spent some minutes today looking at a few local universities, and I found a few relevant courses:

Huddersfield University: Multimedia and E-Learning PG Certificate/PG Diploma/MSc (details), Information and Communication Technology BSc(Hons) (details), Internet Application Development MSc/PgDip (details)

University of Leeds: New Media BA (details)

Leeds Metropolitan University: FdSc E-Business (details), E-Business Systems (details), FdSc Internet Computing (details), BA(Hons) Web Media Management (details)

I then took a trip to the Open University, a remote learning centre of some repute, and discovered that they do a web development certificate: full details at http://telemat.open.ac.uk/webapps/.

Ideally I’d like something where I could start each module of a course when I want, take however long I want – so I could whizz through the bits I already know well and spend more time on the bits that are new to me – and therefore get a certificate or qualification more quickly. Does anyone know any web development courses, or computing courses in general, like that?