Designing for dummies…

I have to admit I’m not the best web designer in the world. A few years a go I had the honour of working with a great designer (hi Paul) who regularly used to make me weep with jealousy at the ease with which he could produce a gorgeous design. But those people are far and few between, and the rest of us webbies have to do our best with the meagre skills bestowed upon us.

So, if you’re more Query Analyser than Photoshop, more EditPlus than Illustrator, and more objects than palettes, these links may help.

You want colour schemes? You got colour schemes.

You want layouts? You got layouts.

You want ideas for spicy elements? You go those ideas, daddio.

In fact, you want complete sites? You got complete sites.

There are quite a few more links here, and if you don’t find something useful here, you’re not a True Web Geek.