A rant about the state of British terrestrial TV…

I haven’t ranted in a while, so here goes. TV is rubbish. For every gem like 8 out of 10 cats there are half a dozen wases of time like those “celebrities do stuff that they weren’t made famous for and frankly suck at” shows. Gah.

While I appreciate the sterling work done by such bastions of highbrow entertainment as Stephen Fry, it’s all to clear that just a few minutes of watching the drivel of reality TV shows is enough to start killing off ones braincells at an alarming rate. If I wanted to experience back-biting, gossip, banality, boredom and peoples emotional unstability in the evenings I’d just do overtime in the office.

And now, the final nail in the coffin, the straw that is breaking this camels back, is the lack of coverage of title=”The Tour de France”>the Tour. This is one of the longest-running, most well-respected, gruelling sporting endurance events in the world – the world cup on two wheels – yet I’ve not even seen mention of it on any of the standard 5 channels. After putting up with months of world cup hype, and the usual Wimbledon washout, why can’t I be rewarded with even a daily Tour highlights show?

It’s frankly disgraceful, and enough to make one buy a freeview box. Except then I’d just have a load more channels of unadulterated cack to sit in front of. Gah.