Events I have missed…

It’s been a funny old week. With alternating bright, warm sunshine and typhoons, rushed-off-my-feetness one day and utter boredom the next, it’s no surprise that some things slipped my mind.

Like (possibly) the greatest day of the yearly calendar: International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Yes, truly. Dave came in to work wearing an eyepatch and carrying a sword, apparently. I’ve celebrated this most auspicious of occasions for several years, but this time … well, I’m a muppet. What can I say. Except, perhaps “Arrrrr”.

And I also missed OneWebDay, a day to celebrate the web and the communities thereon. A good idea, but again I missed the boat. However this time I have a decent excuse as I didn’t even hear about it until today (thanks Rhys).

One this I definitely won’t be missing is Back to church Sunday, a chance to invite people who used to be regular churchgoers back to church. We’re having a Harvest service at church tomorrow for which I am playing guitar, and K has invited a friend. Hopefully it will go well.

Ad, you never know, I may let out a quiet “Avast, yer landlubber!” during the service, just to make amends for my lapse earlier in the week. I’m sure God will understand.