Online friends…

Further to my entry yesterday where I alerted you all to the rather dubious nocturnal activities of Dave from work, I thought I should really be fair to everyone else I know that runs websites and give them links too. Plus it will be good for search engine ranking, I hope.

So we start off with Dave who needs no introduction round here. A fantastic bloke, and it’s been a pleasure working with hime for the last *ahem* years. I can’t remember how long, exactly, but it’s a long time in internet terms.

Next I suppose I must big-up my homie, my main man, and a dear friend Milan. One of the most talented and inspiring musicians you’ll ever hear. And a top bloke to boot.

Another Wibsite regular, Rhys is probably the most talented geeks I know. And I mean that in the good way, in case you were wondering.

Similarly, Wood is a great writer (although he wouldn’t say so himself) and the collection of short stories on his site is a treasure trove.

Dave (DaggerG) was mentioned yesterday, and while I haven’t spent any time ‘in the battlefield’ with him recently, he’s still a dangerous chap to mess with. He’ll go for your throat (or any other exposed body parts) should you let him.

A very well respected and amazingly full website, Dan’s Huddersfield Town site has had me chuckling for years. And if you listen to the little ‘Mi Chun Der’ song, that’s me :0)

Another old friend who has taught me more than I would like to imagine about business is Harry (and Andrew). I thoroughly enjoyed my time working at Computers Unlimited, and try to visit regularly just for the banter and strong cups of tea.

One of the misfits at Computers Unlimited also runs a rather fantastic recording studio. I had a job there once, too. Keith who owns it has been a fundamental part of the forming of my entire adult life.

Fat Al (who my wife says isn’t all that fat) is a keen mountain biker. And while he makes a … distinctive shape in lycra, he’s also a fantastic friend who I hopw I’ll be keeping in touch with for a long time to come.

John is one of those people that if we worked or lived closer together I’m sure we’d end up being good friends. We have a lot in common, the only differences are a) he’s much cleverer than me and b) he’s much better than me at doing everything. Still, he’s a sorted bloke.

If you want crystal or glassware, look no further than House of Crystal. I’ve never met Keith in real life, but our extended conversations on the phone always entertain and challenge me. Good luck, Keith.

I’m sure I’ve forgotton some people. If that’s you, leave a message!