Bad things to happen to music…

Now maybe I could be accused of being deaf, stupid or both, but I quite like Sting. While the early stuff with the Police was the lighter, commercial end of rock-ska, and the later stuff bordering on drivel, he has written some of the most iconing songs ever. Don’t believe me? That’s fine, I’m strong enough to stick up for my musical tastes, however wierd they are. I am a jazz trombonist, after all.

So I was a little bit disappointed to see the Stingmeister appear this list of the worst things to happen to music (via Aurgasm). Oh well, he’s amongst some legendary names.

Anyway, I promise my regular geeky ramblings will be back soon, with further entries on my content management system, that whole thing, and plenty of blatant self-promotion. I bet you can’t wait.