Dreeeeeeeeeam, dream dream dream…

Have you ever had an idea for something that would make your life easier? Something useful, cool, interesting or fun but you couldn’t make it yourself? Well, for one lucky Mac person turning their idea into rteality will no longer be a dream.

Over at mydreamapp.com they are asking for votes on what piece of software a group of well respected Mac developers should write. All the ideas are coming from the Mac community, and that’s where the software will be sold back to.

It’s a great idea that will undoubtedly have a great outcome. Software by the people for the people – it’s the way to go.

Also floating my boat at the moment is An App A Day, where someone calling themselves the Software Jedi (good name!) writes a small application every day for 30 days. And some of them have been great, really useful and clever. Have a look, at the very least to see the passion and enjoyment that Dana the developer gets from doing what they are doing.