The art of eating (out)…

The estimable sil gives sage advice on dining out with the family. Wise words.

We dined out last Friday too, at a local Italian restaurant. Very tasty it was, and if everything goes according to plan it sould be a profitable evening. Why? Well, they don’t have a website, and after the meal I was chatting with the owner who said he has two other restaurants without websites, too. “Hmm, I know a man that might be able to help you” I said, offering him one of my cards.

I’m not usually one to spout about projects I’m involved in (yeah, right), but this one really got me interested. For one this the restaurant is fantastic, and it’s always a pleasure to design sites for high-quality proucts or services. For another the place had character and characters. Not just a charming interior, but entertaining, engaging and vibrant staff. Just what you need in an Italian restaurant.

So, all in all the perfect canidate for a great website and blog.