Web heroes: Roger Johansson…

There are certain people on the web whose knowledge, experience and expertise are almost unparalleled. Roger Johansson is one of these, and his site should be required reading for anyone building stuff for the web. He is, for want of a better phrase, the dogs.

So many thanks to him for providing the solution to not one (not three, not four, not five, not six) but two of the biggest bugbears I have when building sites. Behold:

1) Closing the gap in list items in IE
2) Opening new windows with Javascript (version 1.2)

Marvellous, my life is that little bit more complete.

Well, actually it isn’t. The neat Javascript to open new windows looks for a ‘rel’ attribute on the link with a value of ‘external’. For this particular site I’m working on I need to it open a new window for every link that goes to a different domain than the page is on. Still, that’s not too much of a challenge when standing on the shoulders of giants.

Hats off to Roger!