In memory of Alan…

I found out tonight a friend of mine died today. His name was Alan, he and his wife Mary have been friends of my wife for many years, and I have got to know then quite well over the last couple of years. Alan was diabetic, and although his health has not been good for a long time this has been an upsetting piece of news.

I have to say I didn’t know him as well as I would have liked to. I knew he had a love of music, in fact he taught several children I know to play the piano, and last Christmas he invited me to play in a brass band with him, which was fun. But it was only during a conversation last week I discovered he had a particular love for jazz, especially jazz piano. I’d just popped round to drop off their card and presents and we got chatting about Art Tatum, Oscar Peterson, Dave Brubeck and a few others. He wanted to find a recording of Art Tatum playing “Tiger Rag” which I’m sure either my dad or I have got somewhere. We were going to arrange a session listening to jazz music, and probably drinking whisky. That will never happen now.

I’m glad I knew Alan even for a short time, and can only pray that he is finally at peace. However I’d appreciate your prayers for Mary who is going to have to learn to cope with life alone after more than half a century with Alan by her side.


I’m going to be off-line for at least a week, so I hope you all have an enjoyable, relaxing and fulfilling Christmas and New Year.