VistaPrint – business cards for (almost) free

Warning: I’ve found out since writing this article that VistaPrint are well known for being involved with dubious charges. I’ve not been stung (yet) but Buyer Beware.

This weekend has been a bit of a washout, what with me having another wave of not-wellness yesterday and the weather turning bad today. Still, every now and again I take a look at by new toys and it brings a smile to my face.

Business cards by VistaprintOn Friday my new business cards arrived from VistaPrint, and they’re great. Not necessarily because they’re well printed, but they are, or because the design is cool, and it is, but because they cost me under £4 for 250. How come, I hear you ask? Well, I just paid for shipping, the actual cost of printing was free.

It seems that VistaPrint are a company that can’t help but give things away, and that’s the sort of company I like. So head over to their website, register with your email address and you’ll soon be getting emails offering you fantastic deals. If you have a business that requires any form of printed literature (business cards, brochures, leaflets, postcards etc) then I would highly recommend them.

I really want to claim my 25 free glossy leaflets, but can’t think of a subject to write a leaflet about. Any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “VistaPrint – business cards for (almost) free

  1. hi
    i just wanted to say it is bad that you are promoting vistaprint when they are conning people into signing up (for free) then taking £9.95 a month out of their accounts without asking! it isnt even like you have set a direct debit up either they have taken the money unlawfully through a card purchase and they will be stopped!

  2. Hi Lou. To be honest I’ve not heard of this before, but a bit of searching found lots of warnings about Vistaprint and their apparently dubious charging methods. I’ve not been charged anything untoward (yet) but will keep an eye on my bills, and I’ve amended my blog post to make it a bit more clear about the potential hazards.

    Thanks for raising this.

  3. Wooo…I’m glad I read this Chris!

    I’m going to send my blog readers to this post now…this is interesting. I personally haven’t heard of this happening myself, but it’s a good red flag to be aware of.

    Ps… it your readers are looking for an interesting new way to make money with there business cards, then they would be interested in this…

    I’ll head back over there now and post your link.

    Good info…thanks.


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