Switching off

It seems like quite a few of my regular blogs reads are closing down. This is a shame, and the fact that these well-respected and very talented writers are hanging up their keyboards, so to speak, because of online abuse (sometimes of an extreme, disgusting and frightening nature) is an indictment on certain sectors of the online community.

Wherever groups of people gather you expect there to be a few idiots. I know, I’ve been an idiot many times. However when the tone of what’s being said turns from mere stupidity to extreme vulgarity and even disturbing threats, a line has been crossed. I wish everyone who has been adversely affected by the goings-on around the web over the last few weeks the very best, and encourage them to not lose touch with the genuine friends they have made here.

I’ll be keeping this blog going, one of the advantages of being a nobody is you’re not set up as a target. However with such a lot on my plate at the moment I doubt I’ll be breaking any writing records.