Catching up

Returning from a short break over the Easter weekend I find myself with the usual problem of too much reading to catch up on. My blog reading list has thousands of items outstanding on it, and I need to decide what I really need to read before I hit the magic “Mark all read” button. Here’s my top 5 must-read blogs (not in any specific order).

  1. Creating Passionate Users: I’ve linked to and written about Kathy’s excellent writings so many times before I’m not going to subject you to my fawning fandom again. Suffice to say if you’re involved in anything that provides products or services to anyone, you need to be a regular reader. Despite what’s happened recently there is still a wealth of information on the blog that’s worthy of your attention.
  2. Signal vs. Noise: 37signals are to modern web development what Tower of Power are to funk. Anyone in the know knows that they know their stuff, and they produce the very best in the business. I’m very influenced by 37signals’ ethos of less-is-more, and their blog truly is a window on the world through their eyes.
  3. The Cartoon Blog: Dave Walker is a friend of mine, and I’m proud to say so. He’s a cartoonist, humourist, blogist and websitist with a particularly unique way of looking at the world. He also has a book which is rather good.
  4. John Heron project: Wood is also a friend of mine, and could be described as a ”hack’, although his short stories are what draws me back time and again. Stories that skirt around the gap between this world and the other dimension that exists deep in each of our souls. Compelling stories.
  5. Gaping void: Hugh is one of those blog A-listers about which not much more could be said. I like what he says more than some of the cartoons that accompany the words, but the cartoons that really intrigue me are the ones about faith. There’s something going on deep inside Hugh, something fascinating.

Of course, there’s a lot more that just missed out being in that list, but these are the can’t-live-without-them ones.

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