Finding great colour schemes in nature

Despite occasional successes when it comes to design work, I’d say my graphic ability is rather average. I’m definitely more a developer than a designer. But even I know that even if amazing graphics aren’t your cup of tea, you can get a long with simple designs based on great colour schemes.

But where do you get great colour schemes? They are all around us, and there is loads of help finding them on the web. But one source of inspiration particularly appeals to me, partly because I like natural, organic things, and partly because it’s very rarely wrong. That source, of course, is nature.

But just in case you are starting to worry that you’ll have to dig out those walking boots and go trekking, stop right there. There’s a fantastic collection of colour schemes based on butterflies over at And if that’s not enough, just find a photo of some nature to get the creative juices flowing.

As you may know, I like providing multiple “skins” for the systems I write, and with great resources like that there’ll never be a shortage of inspiration.