Web developers in short supply

A recent article in Computing.co.uk highlighted the fact that web developers are in short supply. I’m sure this is true, with more and more companies waking up to the potential of the web. However there’s one bit I’m not sure I agree with, a quote from Atsco chief executive Ann Swain:

‘It was relatively easy to publish a decent web site back then, but now it’s difficult without expert programming skills.’

Really? I think it’s easier than ever to publish a decent website – as long as you’re not wanting all the latest bells and whistles. And even if you do want an AJAX-ified, People Powered, Social Media 2.0 web application there are easily utilised methods for putting the click-candy into a site.

Still, I’m glad that quality web developers are getting the attention they deserve. It’s a tough job, being a mix of many different disciplines none of which is easy to master. It’s good news for me, as the need for my services isn’t diminishing.

2 thoughts on “Web developers in short supply

  1. Not wanting to knock your ego….NOT!

    Where are web devlopers in short supply, I’m advertising for application programmer jobs and seem to get inundated with web developer CV’s instead.

  2. I’m not sure what’s worse: web developers pretending to be application developers or the other way round.

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