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I’m undecided whether to hail this as a breakthrough: the new WordPress Rewriter Plugin. In a nutshell it takes content and using "a thesaurus database of more than 40000 words" will rewrite the content to be completely unique. That supposedly leads to better search engine results, just as duplicate content leads to penalties.

So, will we now have thousands of quick-buck cowboys ripping off articles left , right and centre? Probably, especially as the $9 price tag is more than low enough for people to give it a try.

Apparently it also has a little trick that will increase traffic by a power of 3. Maybe it’s something to do with page titles (they are one of the most important bits of information that a search engine looks at) but they are coy on the matter. One thing I do know – there will be a lot of people trying this plugin.

4 thoughts on “Unique content for your WordPress blog – automatically

  1. What a horrible idea! Think of all the poorly written spam articles that could flood Google et al.

    It makes me wince just thinking about it. I cant think of a single legitimate reason to use such a tool – no wait – one single reason, to create an instant website – maybe for testing purposes or some such – but otherwise this is bad, bad, bad.

  2. Yep, I couldn’t really think of a legitimate use either. Seeing as you have to input the content for it to be rweritten you’ve either got to write it yourself (in which case, presumably, it would be unique anyway) or … steal it.

    All in all this plugin is squarely aimed at Baddies.

    Boo. Hiss.

  3. I gave it a go, and bought it. I must say I’m really impressed on the way it’s working. It’s not generating garbage, but with a little tweak it turns your articles into unique fresh content.
    Spent 9$, but I’m positive they will turn back in my pocket thanks to this great plugin.

  4. Timi, I think you just proved my point. 9$ (about £4.50 at the moment) is very little to spend on something that will give you unique content.

    My misgiving is still that this will be used by unscrupulous people aiming to make money from other people’s work.

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