The Joy of Stats

When I have time (which isn’t often, to be honest) I like to look through the statistics for my websites and see who’s been visiting. Some of the search terms I get arriving at my site are a little … strange. However not as strange as some people’s.

Seeing as I’m short on quality content at the moment I’ll take the wimps way out and post the search terms that have brought people to this site over the last few days:

Requests Search term
42 radiohead in rainbows review
27 marshall super bass
25 postsecret
16 php datatable
12 in rainbows review
12 in rainbows review radiohead
10 marshall superbass
7 css gantt chart
6 css gantt
4 marshall super bass 100
4 where to go in guernsey
4 review radiohead in rainbows
4 gantt chart css
3 gantt css
3 prototype unobtrusive link
3 2plan
3 review of in rainbows
3 wierd & wonderful pictures
3 whitby
3 cartoon church pictures

I think from that it’s quite obvious that I’m serving a series of niche markets with what I write. Which is fine, it fits in with the series of niches in my brain.

One thought on “The Joy of Stats

  1. I’ve started doing a “sunday roundup” of these stats….. I pick my 10 most favourite and point people in the right direction. I like the idea that the more you write about weird search terms, the higher you climb up the rankings for them….. self perpetuating of course!!


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