BBC homepage preview – built with open source?

That cheeky chappy Jeremy Keith has got a photo of a possible new BBC homepage design. The BBC is one of the most visited sites on the web, so when they make a change people tend to notice. I’m not going to comment on the design itself much (although I think it’s quite nice, but not as good as the current design) but there are a couple of things in that photo worth mentioning.

Firstly they use Mac’s, and Firefox. Sensible. Secondly their Firefox has Chris Pederick’s fantastic web developer toolbar which makes seeing inside any web page as easy as anything. They also use, if you look carefully on the taskbar, the Aptana IDE.

So can we presume that the BBC website is designed and tested using open source tools? If so it’s a boon for the open source movement. Well done BBC.

I’m a bit behind the times, but I got this from Tom Coates.

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