2007: A Year In Review

This last year, quickly drawing to a close, has been one of new beginnings and growth for me. I don’t often reflect on a previous year like this at the turning of the new year, but this year I thought I’d make a break from my traditional beer and Jools Holland evening.

The new beginnings started back in January as I joined a new company. It had been my wish to join a start-up for a long while as the flexibility, drive and attitude of a fledgling company is much to my taste. I couldn’t have struck it better as not only do we have the backing of a major company, but our primary client is poised to become the next big thing it their industry. And I’m working with a great bunch of people.

The growth came on a number of fronts. The latest addition to the Taylor clan is continuing to shoot upwards (and outwards) and this year has mastered the all-important skills of holding a drink, walking and feeding himself. He’s set for life, I reckon. Personally the growth continues, although that’s more to do with a lack of self-control when it comes to biscuits. Note to self: lose weight, you fatty.

My out-of-office-hours work continued to grow pleasingly with the launch of a major website and several other projects. I’m in the good position of being able to choose the projects I work on which means what I do throw myself into benefits from me being a true believer in what my clients are trying to do. Plus I like to count people I work for as friends, so having a special business relationship with them is a good thing.

Musically this year has been quiet, with my only musical outlet being my church. I have been lucky enough to get a couple of new effects boxes for my guitar so what I lack in talent I make up for in range of sounds. Definitely a quantity over quality thing.

With this website I’ve stuck to my usual sporadic output, with less of the in-depth articles I’d like to write. Mainly through lack of time, but also because I’ve been preparing mentally for a new venture in the new year. As regular readers of this blog will know I’m in the process of setting up Yorkshire Twist, the official web development and consultancy branch of my online life. For too long have my professional services been cluttered by strange pictures of animals so it’s time to divide myself in two. Here’s what will happen.

This website, stillbreathing.co.uk, will continue to be my catch-all dumping ground for random stuff. So expect music, pictures and comments about things I find on the web.

My business website, yorkshiretwist.com, will be dedicated to giving an introduction to my services, articles on internet life and website development, and guides to help you get the best out of your websites.

Hopefully that will help me, and any potential clients, keep our heads clear. It’s not that I want to separate business from pleasure (anyone that doesn’t enjoy their job should think about a change of career) but a less … strange portfolio site may be better.

Anyway, I hope the following year brings you all happiness, health and prosperity.

2 thoughts on “2007: A Year In Review

  1. Hi Chris,

    Happy New Year to you and your family, and best wishes in your various exploits. We must catch up soon, perhaps by telephone.

  2. A blessed New Year to you and your family Chris.

    And all the best for what looks like an exciting 2008.

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