Welcome to stillbreathing.co.uk 2009

Well, here it is. This new theme for stillbreathing.co.uk has been mainly designed by the great Paul Cook who worked with me for several years in a previous job. I’ve said on a number of occasions he’s the best designer I know, and that’s true. After all, I don’t know any other designers :0)

Anyway, he’s pulled a corker out of the bag with this one. Basically all the bits that look really cool (the very top and very bottom of the page) were done by him, the rest (the rubbish bit in the middle) was done by me. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick Paul’s brains at some point and put some finishing touches to the design.

However, this isn’t just a new design. It’s also the beginnings of a new direction for stillbreathing.co.uk which has been my personal site for *checks archives* ooh, October 2004. Basically I’m keeping this site for more personal things (which of course will include code), but I’ll be creating a Brand New Site for my freelance business.

I’ve mentioned the name of that new site a few times, but as it’s not even nearly ready for previewing I won’t link to it just yet. Still, along with the new PerformerJS.org site I hope to have that finished in the next few weeks.

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