Responsified and updateified

That old proverb about the cobblers children going barefoot is true. For too long this site has been neglected and unloved. Well, no more! I’ve realigned (not redesigned) this site to take advantage of modern web development techniques. Of course, I’m talking about responsive design.

It’s not a radical departure from what was there before, and talking advantage of the excellent Bones starter theme meant the whole thing was done in a few hours. And even though I haven’t paid too much attention to performance I’ve still ended up with a respectable payload for the homepage:

Homepage payload

And even YSlow gives me a B grade:

YSlow grade B

I’ve also updated to WordPress 3.7, named in honour of the great Count Basie. The update was, it has to be said, not as slick as usual. I had “out of memory” problems which weren’t that hard to fix, but did cause me some stress.

WordPress 3.7 is the first version with auto-updating built in, so hopefully my installation will keep itself up to date and in tip-top condition while I’m asleep.