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Open letter to Matt Mullenweg

Dear Matt, I’ve been a long-time user of WordPress, clocking up well over a decade both publishing on and building plugins for it. I love it – and I even tried to get a job at Automattic (but that’s a story for another time). Recently I’ve been really impressed with the work done around privacy,… Read more »

Unit testing in WordPress

One of the things I really appreciate about developing in the .Net stack is the fantastic unit test support. Using mocking libraries like moq and leaning on the power of nunit to handle my dependencies means I can write unit tests that truly do test just the unit under test. True unit tests are useful for three… Read more »

WordPress Calypso

Recently Automattic have announced the release of Calypso, a next-generation interface to manage or Jetpack-enabled sites. It’s a very ambitious project, but I believe they have some of the best developers in the world. Plus Andy Peatling, who I’ve had a huge amount of respect for since he initiated the BuddyPress project, ran the… Read more »

New WordPress plugins

I’ve released a couple of new WordPress plugins recently which I thought I’d waffle on about. Theme Reset I had a situation not too long ago on a WordPress MultiSite site I run where I had deleted some themes but there were still some sites using those themes. I needed to reset all the sites… Read more »

Responsified and updateified

That old proverb about the cobblers children going barefoot is true. For too long this site has been neglected and unloved. Well, no more! I’ve realigned (not redesigned) this site to take advantage of modern web development techniques. Of course, I’m talking about responsive design. It’s not a radical departure from what was there before,… Read more »